When SILLA COMPANY have been founded in 1946 after the II War start to produce beds and net for beds in steel. Indeed after the war the beds was a kind of good with a lot of enquiries. In the beginning SILLA had few workers and a small capital (Euro 300) less then 500 USD but in few years was able to sell on all Italian territory. Starting from 1950 the production has been changed because started the rebuilding of the Italian towns destroyed by the war. For this reason SILLA started to produce road and building machinery. Now after 70 years of activity SILLA is well known in 15 countries of European Community, Africa, South America, Meddle East and Far East exporting 90% of his production.

In constant evolution towards new standards of quality, we have obtained UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification (June 2012).

The secret of this important presence abroad is : quality, experience and very strong export managers. For the future we foresee a big developpement of our sales in the Meddle East and Africa countries because we produce the right machines for the developpement of these countries

Our production is articulated as follows:
-Machinery to transport concrete: DUMPERS, DUMPERS WITH SHOVEL ,
-Machinery to work iron bars: CUTTERS, BENDERS AND COMBINATE
With large production of different kind of machinery we are able to satisfy all need of a modern contractor.